About Long Road Act

Long Road Act is a Canadian alternative rock band from Toronto, Ontario. It all started in October 2013 when Steven Giordano, Christian Adamo and Peter Francella formed a trio acoustic group after having known each other for quite some time. Peter and Christian had grown up together, while Steven and Pete went to high school together.

The trio wrote a small handful of songs, and played a couple of times live, but then decided it was time to expand. They wanted a larger, rounder sound.

Joe and Vince had also grown up together, so the bond between them was just the same. Christian played in an old band with Joe and Vince prior to the startup of Long Road Act, so the first call he made was to them in September 2014.

After jamming once the following week, Long Road Act became five. However in mid June 2015, Steven Giordano stepped down from Long Road Act. Despite losing a founding member, the current line up continues to write and perform tight and expressive alternative rock.

Long Road Act's debut album Euphoria is out now.